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不被建议做某事 英语

be not good at don't do well in do badly in be weak i

need not do sth.

1 want to do sth.2 feel like doing sth.3 would like to do sth.4 wish to do sth. 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

feel disinclined for 英文发音:[fil dsnkland f(r)] 中文释义:不想做某事 例句:The hot weather made me feel disinclined for work.炎热的天气使我不想工作

suggest doing sth 建议做某事 suggest sb doing sth 建议某人做某事 suggest sth to sb 向某人提出某事 suggest (that) sb (should) do sth 建议做某事

建议某人做某事,英语是:advise sb to do sth.例句:Which one would you advise me to choose? 你说我挑选哪一个好?You might as well advise me to give up my fortune

第一句:If I were you, I would not smoke. 我要是你的话,就不抽烟.这句话的意思直 what about是比较适合用来提建议的没意思是:怎么样?第四句:What do you think

"建议"有两个advice(不可数) suggestion(可数) 动词形式分别是:advise suggest

Don't ask sb to do sth: 不让某人做某事或者是:Ask sb not to do sth:让某人不做某事

你好,高兴帮助你.请采纳,谢谢!!!警告/提醒某人不要做某事,用英文表达:warn sb not to do sth 比如说 Lucy warned me not to tell you this.露西警告过我别告诉你此事.

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